Improved method for applying insulation material

Grant date: 18/11/2021

Field of the invention

The present invention is in the field of an improved method for applying insulation material thermal insulation on a 3-dimensional structure and specifically thermal isolation of tubes, flang-es, and valves

Summary of the invention

The present invention is in the field of thermal insulation and specifically thermal isolation of tubes, flanges, and valve. Insulation in air conditioning, cool installations, process installation, and heating installation has become more important over the years. In this respect, thermal insulation relates to a reduction of heat transfer between objects in thermal contact or in range of radiation influence, such as tubing in a maintenance room. Thermal insulation can be achieved with suitable object shapes and materials. The present invention provides an improved method of insulation and an improved insulation.

Hanenberg Isolatie is gespecialiseerd in het isoleren van werktuigbouwkundige installaties in de utiliteitsbouw, lichte industrie en voedingsmiddelenindustrie.
Het in 1963 opgerichte bedrijf beschikt door jarenlange ervaring en ruim 80
gemotiveerde en gekwalificeerde medewerkers over ruim voldoende kennis om opdrachtgevers uitstekend te adviseren.

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