Portfolio Management


There are many administrative actions involved when applying for and keeping patents. Like submitting the right documents, answer questions from the authorities and paying fees when they are due. If you do not comply with any of these deadlines, you are taking a big risk. Your patent or design right may expire. That is why it is of critical importance to keep a very close eye on these administrative and financial transactions and deadlines.

That is why you could be better off outsourcing the management of your patent portfolio. Even if you apply for just one or two patents. So you can concentrate on what you are good at without having to worry about the management of your existing patent portfolio.


Van Essen Patent is here to take over your administrative patent burden from you.


The size of your patent and design rights portfolio is the most important factor. But the level of your knowledge and experience and the amount of service you want/need also determines the costs. So let us engage in a meeting with you to see what would be suitable for you. 

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