Why you should talk to us a.s.a.p

Patent protection is at an early stage of product development is the right thing to do. We have assisted inventors with patent applications, strategy, Freedom To Operate studies and more.  Many entrepreneurs, more experienced ones and also those starting out and , only realise when it is too late just how important it is to talk with a patent attorney at an early stage. There are a number of good reasons for doing so.

We can find third party patent rights

We know are busy developing your product, building your business and finding investors. But you need to know about your competitors’ patents. You probably know who your competitors are, but did you research their patents? Both you and your investors might want to know that at this early stage. You could do so yourself. Or ask us to do it for you.  If you don’t do this, you are taking the risk of developing a product that infringes someone else’s rights.

The sooner you know

The sooner you know about your competitors patent rights, the “easier” it often seems to be to make minor changes to your design and work around these patents so that you can continue without infringing them. You could do this at a later stage but it is likely way more expensive and time consuming then.

R&D results

Entrepreneurs often overlook certain things in the product development process. You may not fully realise that you are making simple but valuable products. Sometimes inventors disclose details about new products before they have been patented. Which causes that it will no longer meet the novelty requirement and can not apply for a patent anymore. By sharing R&D results with us at an early stage, you can avoid these easy made mistakes.

In this way you will not disclose any information you should be keeping to yourself. This will ultimately make your patent (portfolio) a lot stronger. It will also help increase the value of your company. 

Investors needs

A product/invention is much more investor ready after a complete check on intellectual property is executed. When you better understand the opportunities and threats related to your IP rights, you will come across way more professional and have a firm grip on possible negotiations. Investors are more likely to fund well defined & researched projects. 


The sooner you have a meeting with one of our patent attorneys, the more secure you will be on the next steps of your business or project. Even a short meeting with a patent attorney can provide you with a lot important information for your company that it is very well worth the investment.