A container for PCM

Grant date: 24/12/2013

Field of the invention

The invention relates to a container for PCM, a PCM Unit, a PCM module comprising a series of PCM units, and a climate system comprising a PCM module. The invention further relates to a method for conditioning at least the temperature of a building space.

Summary of the invention

The invention provides a container for PCM, wherein said container is produced using blow-moulding and has the shape of a rectangular panel with a longitudinal axis, a front and back facing wall, end walls and longitudinal walls enclosing a container cavity, said blow-moulded container further comprising a filling opening and said container cavity is divided into a series of elongated compartments and comprising partitioning walls extending between said front and back facing wall.

OC Autarkis
Korte termijn warmte opslag in de gebouwde omgeving. Eenvoudige componenten zorgen voor verduurzaming, energiebesparing en goede ventilatie. Maak kennis met PCM en onze oplossingen voor de woningbouw en utiliteit.

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